Sunday, February 12, 2017

I Am Abundantly Grateful!

WOW! It's been a long time since I have been here in The Gratitude Room. I have been thinking of this blog for week's. I just found it on a Google search as I was looking for a post to share on Facebook today. Now, suddenly, I am writing whatever comes up.

It's been an amazing time for me and Wild. We have recently chosen to retire, for the second time. We were retired from 2002 to 2009 when we decided to create a business, which became Whole Health By Design. As of last month we are now retired again. 

I must say, the sense of gratitude, freedom and well being I feel is amazing! It is time to enjoy all we have worked so hard for all our lives. We're now focused on spending time with friends and family and traveling to our hearts content. 

Since the last time I posted here, over five years ago, I had created a new website and blog for Whole Health By Design. It was beautifully created by Orca Designs and last week I shut the website down along with the blog. I also shut down several Facebook Pages and anything else related to our health coaching business. That's what it took for me to let go and retire again.

It is time for us to play and travel!

At the present I have no idea where this blog is going, if anywhere. I just know for sure that having gratitude, as a part of my daily life, keeps me in the zone of happiness and health. I am continually grateful for everything in my life. A few of the biggies are; my adorable husband Wild, our beautiful view condo in the Pacific Northwest, our good health, our mutual desire to continue growing together and our ability to focus on happiness and joy as a way of life.

The picture is of Wild and I at the Wagon Days Parade in Ketchum, Idaho in 2015. If you have never been, here's a quote from their website: "Please join us Labor Day weekend as Ketchum celebrates the days before railroads or automobiles reached the town. Come to Main Street and watch the largest parade in the country without motorized vehicles. Basque dancers, marching bands and western cowboys travel by horse, mule or foot – anything goes as long as there is no motor." I am grateful to have had that fun experience.

Wishing you a life you love!

With love and abundant gratitude,

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grateful Beyond Words!

I am overflowing with Gratitude! Wild and I reached a business milestone yesterday. The milestone we reached feels wonderful but it is the growing appreciation and love of our USANA family that feels the most significant. The patriarch of our family is Dr. Myron Wentz who has a huge vision of ridding the world of pain and suffering. He sees the USANA family as the healthiest family on earth and indeed it is, in so many ways!

Today marks nine years since Wild and I signed our applications to begin enjoying the life changing products of USANA and to begin our journey towards health from a whole new, holistic, perspective. Along the way I have discovered there are many types of health and to be really healthy I must be healthy is all aspects of my life. Physically, financially, relationships, spiritually, mentally and emotionally, not necessarily in that particular order. Did I leave something out? Then that too!

An important part of our USANA family is Tom and Lorie Mulhern. They have been the best cheerleaders any team could have. The amazing part is that, as business teams go, they're not on our business team. Nor are we on theirs. That is what sets Tom and Lorie apart and why they represent USANA so beautifully. They are an example of the USANA Difference.

We recently planned a pumpkin carving party with Tom and Lorie to create a fun event for members of the Northwest USANA family and friends. It happened to take place the night we reached our newest milestone, as Silver Directors, with USANA. Here is a photo Tom took of us with the flowers he and Lorie gave us in honor of our rank advancement. The pumpkin party took on a whole new meaning as we also celebrated going Silver. This represents to me what being in a healthy family is all about. Helping others in the family succeed simply by being supportive of their efforts and accomplishments. That's healthy. That's Lorie and Tom. That's USANA.

There is another special couple that was cheering us on, our dear friends Rosie Bank and Mark Waldman from Foster City, CA. They're part of our USANA family too. Our friendship is a direct result of the four of us meeting on a USANA cruise, nearly four years ago, on the very same day the two of them met. They were married last week in a heartfelt love fest where Wild officiated at their wedding. Rosie is like a sister to me and Mark and Wild are brothers by choice. We would never have met these two amazing people if not for USANA.

These two couples and our friendships with each of them is an example of what makes USANA a family and like no other company or business I have ever experienced. We have no business relationships with either Mark and Rosie or Tom and Lorie, yet all four of them reached out to support us in our business as if we did. That is incredibly precious!

Being a healthy family is not just about our physical health and the USANA family is certainly healthy physically. But the USANA family is also healthy in spirit. Tom and Lorie's spirit's and Mark and Rosie's spirit's are all shining brightly as are so many others. In addition to our own team cheering us on, thank you to Jamie and Randy Deering for the beautiful flowers, to Cheryl Sheehan for the heartfelt notes and to Nadine Kelly for your support, there are friends in our USANA family that have been cheering us on as well. Thank you to Robin Thomas from Chapel Hill, NC for cheering us on since we first met several years ago. Thank you to Susanne and John Cunningham from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who have inspired us and cheered us on as well. Thank you Kathleen Rockney from Southern California for your inspiration and support. Thank you to so many others for your comments and support throughout the years. I wish I could name and celebrate each and every one of you!

As I am writing this my heart is filled with love for the amazing friends we have made across North America, because we signed those applications nine years ago. We never know what lies ahead of us but I know that Wild and I signing those applications was one of the best decisions we ever made together.

Another dear and special person that I am extremely grateful to is Collette Larson. Without knowing it at the time, our Silver run started in Vancouver, BC when Collette was giving a presentation and mentioned that she would be going to Sanoviv three times in the months ahead and was willing to have training with up to ten people at each five day stay. Wild and I knew we wanted to join her and in late April we were part of the first of three groups. That is a story in itself, however, the time spent with Collette and her son Zak Ross was the beginning of a new chapter of our journey. Thank you Collette for being Mama USANA to so many, including us. Wild and I continue to send our love to you and Sharlie and your entire family!

Family. What is a family? I have a wonderful family I grew up with, yet the USANA family has given me so much. The opportunity to grow beyond my comfort zone in a safe and loving family of supporters cheering me on. The opportunity to be healthier than I have ever known. The opportunity to create deep and lasting relationships with people that are the cream of the crop. USANA attracts people from across the world who want to be the best they can be while helping others achieve more and making the world a healthier and better place in the process.

Thank you to all my USANA family, near and far. Thank you Mark and Keri McKee for introducing us to USANA. Thank you Pete and Dora Zdanis for your Zdanis list. Thank you to all who keep the Sense Help Site up and running. Thank you to everyone who gives such generous training and outstanding webcasts for the entire USANA family to learn from. I am proud and forever grateful to be a part of this amazing and generous family, making a positive difference for others, one person at a time.

With love and gratitude,

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Grateful for Gifts of Love in all Shapes and Sizes!

My heart is still overflowing with gratitude for the gifts of love I experienced on Tuesday, two days ago.

It all started last month when Wild's business card was drawn, at a Lakewood Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, for him to be in the Business Spotlight this month with a 5-7 minute speech. We were excited because it is quite an honor to have that opportunity to speak about our business in front of 60-75 other business people. As this week approached I keep mentioning that we needed to organize a speech. Several times I asked him if he wanted to speak by himself since it was his business card that was drawn. He liked the idea of us speaking together. When Monday night rolled around we had no idea what we were going to say the next morning. He was clearly frustrated with the process I was using, which is perfect for me...but not for him. I gave Wild another chance to do it by himself, his way. He agreed he'd do it on his own and just speak from his heart. I knew he would be great, just being himself.

What happened the next morning was a total surprise. A magical gift we could never have expected in a million years. After he was introduced he spoke from his heart about what he is passionate about, and has been since he was a little kid, helping other people. He shared his love and humor with everyone in the room, as he mentioned with a twinkle in his eye, that at times he had even been accused of being a rescuer. People laughed. He went on to tell about why our life and our business fulfills his desire to help people in ways that matter and he wrapped it all up after only a few minutes.

As he was handing the microphone back to Mary Ann an amazing thing happened. Dr. David stood up and reached for the microphone. He asked if there was anyone in the room that had a testimonial they might wish to share. I could feel my heart swelling with love and it completely spilled over when hands went up around the room. Oh my, I couldn't believe what was happening. First our friend Shawn took the mic and shared, what she called, her skeptical nature and how she had been helped. Then the mic was passed to Patty and she shared a story of her own. Finally Ken took the mic and shared his story of meeting Wild and what that led to. As Mary Ann wrapped it up our friend Mary was sitting next to me wanting to share her story and knowing the time was up. There we were, surrounded by dear friends coming to Wild's aid to help him fill his time with gifts of love. I knew that Wild was as moved by the events, of the minutes before, as much as I was. Love filled the room and spilled out the doors of the Great American Casino.

We always have drawings at these events and Mary Ann was showing us all the gifts of love brought by members. Here's how it works: members bring in items to share and business cards are drawn. The first person whose card is drawn chooses which gift they want. The next person who's card is drawn is 2nd to choose from the gifts and so on. When I saw that Dotty, owner of Northwest Optical, had donated a beautiful pair of black sunglasses I knew I would love to have them. Mary Ann asked someone to draw a card and mine was drawn first. The sunglasses were mine! Thank you Dotty!

A few hours later, that same day, I was a table host at a monthly Networking Unplugged luncheon. I chose September to be a table host because our convention is in August and I thought I might pick up some special things I could share with some of my friends that I would invite to sit at my table. I had room for seven women to join me. I invited a lot of friends hoping some were available that day for lunch. I spent the weekend before the event sorting and choosing the perfect items that I would pack into each gift bag. I had such fun putting them all together not knowing yet who would actually be able to join me. I also made a gift basket to be won from a drawing during the luncheon. As we all settled in for lunch my name was called. Kia was announcing that I brought the most guests and I was handed a $100 bill as my reward. WOW! I was just treating some friends to sit with me, and enjoy a gift bag of special things I love, and I received an unexpected gift of my own! Then my name was called again, as my card was drawn, to receive yet another gift of love that was donated by a luncheon vendor...a necklace and matching earrings. Such abundance!

The magnitude of my day wasn't totally clear at the moment because I was fully present at the luncheon and not thinking about the breakfast I was at only hours earlier. It wasn't until later, when I had an opportunity to reflect on the day, that I realized how many gifts were materializing before my very eyes in such a short period of time. The greatest gifts, of course, being the loving gift of friendship. Sunglasses, jewelry and money are wonderful but the gift of friendship is priceless! I am incredibly grateful for all our dear friends. Some show up in the most amazing ways and at the most unexpected times.

My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude,

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gratitude and the Abundant Life!

WOW...What a wonderful evening! I am feeling so filled with gratitude that my heart is vibrating with joy! Wild and I just finished our first of eight weekly evenings with our newest Healthy Edge group. These people seem to all be perfectly matched. There was open, authentic and vulnerable sharing this evening, from the very start. I am so excited about what lies ahead of us as we take this journey together with these delightful people. I sensed a tremendous amount of support among this group and I see wonderful relationships forming and continuing to blossom.

Wild and I love facilitating Dyann and Wild's Healthy Edge and we do this for several selfish reasons. 1. We love to entertain and by having this be centered around dinner, and pot-lucks where participants all learn to prepare Healthy Edge dishes, we are able to create a community of Dyann and Wild's Healthy Edge Graduates while we entertain. 2. I love to educate and Wild loves to take care of people. We get to satisfy both those desires while creating our own version of The Healthy Edge. 3. Wild and I have a huge commitment to stay healthy and be the best that we can be for each other. Having these classes allows us to keep ourselves continually in the conversation of health and wellness as we share it with others.

This is our third Dyann and Wild's Healthy Edge group, this year, and I can see a wonderful pattern forming. We like doing this for the New Year, in the Spring and in the Fall. As we become more relaxed and confident, with each series of classes we do, I believe it is easier for the participants to relax and enjoy the process even more. That makes my heart smile!

You can learn more about us and The Healthy Edge at: where you can also enjoy taking a free 14 day test drive.

We would be honored for you to take a look at Dyann and Wild's Healthy Edge at our Facebook page and we would love it if you 'like' us:

With heartfelt gratitude,

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gratitude is Spilling Over on the Eve of Our Eighth Wedding Anniversary!

Tonight I received an email from a dear friend announcing she is creating a Gratitude Club. I love the idea and sent her a note to thank her for the idea and her invitation to join. Then I thought of all the ways I have let my acknowledgment of gratitude go by the wayside. I think of it, speak of it and believe in being grateful daily. However the piece I missed the most was being here in The Gratitude Room and sharing what's on my mind. I have been in the process of trying to create a new blog with my husband, Wild, and that has kept me from being here. I am happy and grateful to be back!

When I start to write I never quite know where I am headed. Tonight is no different. As I write this I am reminded that tonight is the eve of our eighth wedding anniversary and there is no one I am more grateful for having in my life than my dear husband, partner and best friend, Wild.

This is a photo taken almost exactly one year ago. It was taken by a passer-by on the beach two days before our seventh wedding anniversary. This particular beach is easily identified by anyone who has ever been there as this is the famous Haystack Rock behind us at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Wishing Wild a happy anniversary, on the eve of that special day eight years ago, seems perfect here in The Gratitude Room. With loving gratitude to you my dear and delightful husband for the most wonderful, exciting, adventurous, loving, happy, creative, joyful, supportive, close, meaningful, fun, surprising, humorous, delicious and yummy marriage I could ever possibly imagine!

With deeply loving gratitude for the past eight years and for the many amazing years ahead! We still have much to experience and create together!

With love,

Friday, March 4, 2011

Project Purpose is Back!

Patti Roney, and her annual event called Project Purpose, is back! This is the third year I have had the opportunity to join Patti and I am looking forward to the next 90 days!

Our first assignment was to identify 5 ways I have let myself down and disappoint myself. I can't believe I am going to share them here but I am committed to positive change and getting out of my comfort zone.

Here are the five things I wrote last night in a journal.
1. Not following up with people who have shown an interest in a product or service I offer.
2. Not sharing what I do with enough people.
3. Not exercising 3-5 days a week.
4. Not treating my husband with gentle kindness at all times.
5. Not keeping in touch with friends and family.

Here is what I have committed to do from the list above.
1. Be gentle and kind with my husband by stopping what I am doing and listen to what he has to say.
2. Call 1-2 people every day just to say Hi and check in.
3. Make at least one follow-up call per day.

I look forward to these phone calls and building stronger relationships with friends, family, clients and business associates. I have already seen the difference in my conversations with Wild since yesterday. Instead of continuing with whatever I am doing at the computer I have stopped to sit and focus on him and what he has to say. Prior to this I was finding that we would have to go into the living room to talk without interference from work, since we work at home in an office. Now I believe we can still stay in the office and I can focus on a conversation without having to detach myself from my computer. It is another example of seeing what the problem may be and finding a solution to make it better. I love that we can make changes immediately whenever we recognize a situation that is not serving us.

Here's to the next 90 days of Project Purpose!

With joy and purpose,

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Grateful the Healthy Home Book Tour is Coming to Seattle!

I was so happy to recently learn that on March 28, 2011 Dr. Myron Wentz and his son, Dave Wentz, will be in Seattle for the second stop of their North American book tour for The Healthy Home. Learn more at:   

Seattle, Washington! That's only 30 miles from my home in Tacoma, where I live with my husband, Wild Bill Jones, overlooking lovely Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. When I saw the line up of tour stops I was blown away that Seattle was on the tour. Vancouver BC is only three hours away and I would have been happy with that...but Seattle! Whoohoo!

The Healthy Home book will be released on March 22, 2011. I can hardly wait to read it because I know these two will be sharing great information in an entertaining way. I have had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Wentz speak on many occasions and I have heard Dave too. I always come away with a sense of wonder and new found knowledge after I hear Dr. Wentz speak. He is the 2007 recipient of the Albert Einstein Award for his work in the Life Sciences and has written other books too. What makes this one so special is that it is written with his son, Dave.  I hope you will get the opportunity to see them at one of their many stops. Perhaps one will be near you too! Below is information for the upcoming book tour. Look for a stop near you or someone you love!

Invite your friends and family (and their friends too) to see Dr. Wentz and Dave Wentz live on The Healthy Home Book Tour. The tour will be an event to remember, with audience participation and engaging presentations to demonstrate the science behind the solutions in the book. More importantly, you will walk away armed with information to start protecting your family from the toxic burdens society has created, packaged, and sold to you as “necessities” for everyday life.

To top it off, ADMISSION IS FREE to this life-changing event. 

Take this chance to discover what you can do to improve your family’s most important resource—your health. You don’t want to miss it. 
Book Tour Downloadable Flyer (English) • (Spanish) • (French) • (Chinese) 

29San Francisco Bay Area
30Los Angeles
31San Diego

5San Antonio
11New York
15Naperville/Chicago Area
21Salt Lake City